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We are currently in the early stages of development but feel free to send us any genuine feedback using our contact form.

Note: Our code is not yet optimised for speed, load times will improve dramatically in the future.

Your Account API Key

How do I create an Account API Key?

To create your own Account API Key go to log in to your account, click on "New Key", give your Key a name and select the level of access you want to allow.

What is an Account API Key?

An Account API Key is a code players can generate in their Guild Wars 2 account settings that can allow third-party apps to access certain account data via use of the GW2 API. Read more on the official GW2 Wiki.

What is the GW2 API?

The Guild Wars 2 API (application programming interface) is an interface provided by ArenaNet that enables third-party applications to gain read only access to data directly from the Guild Wars 2 servers. Read more on the official GW2 Wiki.

Is it Safe?

Yes, totally. Third party apps cannot make any changes to your account details at all, the API simply allows us to read data that ArenaNet & GW2 players give us access to. You can also delete any of your Account API Keys at any time to remove access to your account.

Will You Share My Account API Key with Anyone Else?

No, we will not share your Account API Key with anyone else.

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